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What people are saying about U&D Square

"Thank you all for making this a seamless process. We anticipated the establishment of a foreign arm would be a burdensome and somewhat daunting task. We are delighted with how simple the process has become as a consequence of engaging the U&D Square team. "

- Michael Pease
Managing Director
Australian SMSF
Dedicated Delivery Centre (DDC)
U&D Square's Dedicated Delivery Center (DDC) is an outsourcing solution which works on BOT (Build, Operate,Transfer) or BOM (Build, Operate, Manage) model. U&D Square coordinates with its clients to invest in extending their IT environments offshore, transitioning the business knowledge to the teams, setting up effective communication and security systems and integrating our development processes with theirs. This ensures that the offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of the development facilities at the client site. U&D Square's pool of back-up resources can be used to augment the team for steady ramp-up as per required schedule.

The Dedicated Delivery Center facilities established in required time scales offer long-term advantages to clients for cost-effective and highly productive development. U&D Square offers its proprietary methodology or can follow client's methodology as per specific requirement. Regular status and other reports covering metrics data are provided to the client for monitoring and decision-making.

The Center operates with a pre-defined and mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLAs) in place. These SLAs are periodically reviewed and revised, if needed, to ensure adequate compliance with changing business requirements.

  • U&D Square’s clients access state-of-the-art development facilities with skilled resources that offer a seamless extension to their existing development facility.

  • Our DDC model offers total freedom to propagate client's own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques at the DDC

  • Time Zone difference can be exploited to speed-up the development process. A 24-hour cycle, if required, can be offered that will speed-up support / reduce development cycle

  • Significant cost saving on infrastructure and manpower costs resulting in saving on initial investment

  • Ramp up / downsize resource at relative short notice

  • Offshore operation in India can be started in quick time without legal hassles

  • Acts as a mirror image of your onshore operations
  • Dedicated facility stretching across 4500 sq. ft.

  • Fast and reliable Internet access

  • Reliable phone connections & VoIP

  • Windows based computers

  • Professional and Office 2007 business edition

  • Access through Proximity reader and ID cards

  • 24 x 7 Technical Support

  • Refreshments and service staff

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