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Energy and environmental issues are concerns for organizations of all sizes from IT to the corner office as the world is trying to adjust to new requirements by implementing environmentally efficient IT solutions. Enterprises across the globe are increasingly getting ‘green’ conscious, and looking at their IT operations to help them reduce corporate energy consumption and become more environmentally responsible.

Green computing is the latest trend in the business today; it not only helps saving the environment but also reduces cost for you. Reducing energy usage, which also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and your energy bill, is the most effective thing you can do.

U&D Square launches an innovative approach to help the businesses “Go Green” and reduce the energy consumption by delivering following solutions:
- Use of LCD monitors instead of CRT monitors to save power
- Putting PCs and Laptops in sleep mode when inactive saving energy automatically
- Mandatory PC turnoff by employees (Office, admin Staff) each night and before leaving the office for weekends
- Moving servers to virtual machines, saving on power and space by consolidating physical machines
- Sharing electronic documents (output / Reports in .txt, .pdf, .xls, or .csv files instead of printing on paper)
- Using 15-30% recycle paper whenever possible
- Use of double side printing
- Use of online conferencing to collaborate with remote colleague along with saving time energy and money
- Use telecommuting whenever possible
- Recycling the E waste generated
- Reuse the hardware
- Use of Green PC (energy efficient PC)
U&D Square can help save your company money and improve your green image through an extensive IT energy audit. Discover where you are now to plan for change and get your company on the path to a greener future.  Save money and participate in Green Earth initiative.
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