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Server Monitoring and Management
With distributed computing environments gaining popularity and servers growing robust, the IT infrastructure has witnessed a significant growth over the past decade. As this growth developed, so did the company's reliance on the IT infrastructure. Server management and IT infrastructure management involves the administration of server hardware, line of business applications and associated network connectivity throughout their lifecycle, including initial deployment, delivery of software, ongoing maintenance and support, and retirement.

At U&D Square, we provide highest quality of server management service. These services include, but are not limited to, regular updates & upgrades, round the clock management such as load balancing, server monitoring, application and services monitoring, security (anti virus & Firewalls), installation, regular backup etc. In case the server is down, reboot request is immediately sent to the data centre and client is notified about the same over email/phone/sms etc.

Response time from a dedicated server management team will never exceed 10 minutes. In case of hosting & data center support, resolution time depends upon the nature of the problem, covering 80% of the issues in less than 30 minutes.

Server Management includes, but is not limited to:

  • 24x7 service monitoring (every 5 minutes)

  • E-mail notification

  • Installation and updates in server

  • Security and Firewalls

  • Patches and upgrades

  • Server health and security audits

  • ICQ / MSN / Yahoo /AIM notification

  • Phone/ Text Message

  • Reboot request to data center
Customer feedback on advantages after the engagement with U&D Square

"If I have to quantify our relationship I would say you saved us 50% of cost, increased productivity by 75%. With U&D Square now we are monitoring 60% more endpoints in much less cost. It was a smooth transition from in-house to offshore and I am very happy with the performance of U&D Square and its team. "

- Eric & William
MSP , East America
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